Traditional & Christian Memorials

Traditional and Christian
memorials in Rugeley

Whether you are looking for a traditional gravestone design or you need a gravestone that meets the specific rules followed by the church, Ashcroft Memorials can create it for you. You can visit our gallery to view some of our work. 

Bespoke traditional memorials by Ashcroft Memorials

We understand that a befitting gravestone is necessary to create a lasting memory of the departed. With Ashcroft Memorials you can opt for memorials in different sizes, shapes and materials. If you are considering a more traditional design, you have come to the right place. Our team of craftsmen use conventional techniques and skills to create traditional memorial designs and commemorative plaques. 

To learn more, feel free to visit our showroom in Rugeley or call our team of compassionate professionals. 
Traditional memorials
Christian memorials

Christian memorials for churchyard burials

Every church has certain rules and regulations that it follows to protect the ancient and heritage areas. There are rules regarding the shape, size, colour and type of material used. We will be happy to accommodate these rules and your requirements and create a Christian memorial that will reflect the life and beliefs of the departed. 

In addition to traditional and Christian memorials, we will be happy to create memorials for other religions and also beautiful non-religious memorials for your loved one. 
For a wide variety of traditional and Christian memorials in Rugeley and the surrounding areas, contact Ashcroft Memorials.
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