Non-Religious Memorials

Are you looking for non-religious
memorials in Rugeley?

Memorials  don't have to be religious. They need to reflect the personal beliefs of you and your loved one and at Ashcroft Memorials we can help you provide a personalised memorial that reflects the person’s life, his/her choices and beliefs.
Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Dignified memorial designs by Ashcroft Memorials

Our team of craftsmen specialise in creating both religious and non-religious memorials. Whether you wish to have a picture plate or you want a symbol or sign engraved, we will consult you and incorporate your ideas and inscriptions in the memorial. 

To view some of our work, you can visit our gallery.
Non religious memorials

A customised memorial for your loved one

At our showroom in Rugeley, you can browse through the various samples we have. Our team will be happy to give suggestions on the various materials, sizes and shapes available.

You can also come to us if you are looking for memorials for your pets or other religious memorials
If you need an unconventional, non-religious memorial made for your loved one, get in touch with Ashcroft Memorials today by calling:
01889 801 541
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